Temperatuursensor 1.830.010 EPS Facet.

Zoals je aan de verkleurde draden en kabelschoentje ziet wordt het daar erg warm. Het is de bedoeling daar een mooi RVS hitteschild voor te laten maken.


The coolant sensor is often called the master sensor because the computer uses its input to regulate many other functions, including:

Activating and deactivating the Early Fuel Evaporation (EFE) system such as the electric heating grid under carburetor or the thermactor air system.

Open/closed loop feedback control of the air/fuel mixture. The system won't go into closed loop until the engine is warm.

Start up fuel enrichment on fuel-injected engines, which the computer varies according to whether the engine is warm or cold.

Spark advance and retard. Spark advance is often limited until the engine reaches normal operating temperature.

EGR flow, which is blocked while the engine is cold to improve driveability.

Canister purge, which does not occur until the engine is warm.